Although FYI has an all-volunteer staff, we have expenses that we must incur to deliver our services to the foster youth who need them.  You can give to help keep our operations going.

You can financially assist our youth with transportation and one-time housing expenses such as security deposits. Your gifts will help support foster youth while they pursue their education.

You can donate gift cards. FYI will offer Walmart and other gift cards as incentives to foster youth who take our Basic Life Skills workshops.

You can purchase specific items for our foster youth through one of FYI’s special programs. My Own Place will provide necessities for foster youth setting up their first apartment. Adopt-A-Student will provide gifts during the holiday season.

Fostering Youth Independence (FYI) is recognized by the IRS as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are fully tax-deductible. FYI’s federal tax ID number is 82-1034101.



FYI Student Allies will work directly with foster youth to make sure they obtain the resources they need. Allies will encourage youth, cheering them on as they work to complete a post-secondary education.

Career Mentors will provide job-shadowing opportunities in their workplaces so foster youth can learn first-hand about a particular job or career.


Employ a Foster Youth:

We need local employers who are willing to give foster youth a break by employing them and helping them learn basic job skills and work ethic.



FYI needs your connections! We need local employers, career mentors and volunteers!

We need your connections to help us locate low-cost office space and other tangible items to keep our operations running. 


Finding affordable housing is difficult for our foster youth. Please contact us if you have a room to rent or know of any other affordable housing in the Santa Clarita Valley. 



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