Where Would She Be Without Her FYI Ally?

 What do you do when you are a 20-year old foster youth involved in a major car accident and you need help? This was the situation faced by FYI Youth Sasha* just a few days ago. She was leaving work late at night and was involved in a collision. Her air bags deployed, her car was totaled, and she was injured. The responder who helped her out of her car said, "Who can we call? Can we call your parents?" Sasha replied, "My parents are dead. Call Amy.*" Amy is Sasha's FYI Ally. Amy arrived at the scene just in time to speak with the police and check on Sasha in the ambulance before she was rushed to the local emergency room. Amy followed the ambulance to the hospital and then stayed with Sasha all night so that she wouldn't have to be alone. When Sasha was discharged the next day, Amy brought her to her own home so she could take care of her for a couple of days and make sure she was OK. (*Names changed to protect privacy.)

If FYI did not exist, if Sasha didn't have an Ally, who would she have called? Who do all the youth aging out of foster care without any dependable adults in their lives call when they have an emergency? These questions weigh heavily on us as we reflect on what just happened to one our our precious youth.

Our mission at FYI is to equip foster youth to complete a post-secondary education and become successful, independent adults. But, what FYI does is so much more than connecting youth to resources and making sure they secure financial aid. FYI provides each youth with a caring adult and a consistent community that offers the safety net they are missing.