FYI Mission:

Our mission is to equip foster youth to complete post-secondary education and become successful, independent adults. 

FYI Vision:

FYI envisions a future in which every youth leaving the foster care system feels safe, connected and loved. We believe that with a consistent, nurturing community foster youth can become successful, thriving adults. We understand that the past does not define them and trust that with guidance and support, foster youth will re-write their story.

FYI Beliefs:

We believe that every child in the foster care system deserves a chance for a better life.

We believe that every child has the potential to break the cycle of poverty and abuse from which they may have come.

We believe that higher education is the bridge between an unstable past and a successful future.

We believe that foster youth will be best served by obtaining a post-secondary education at low or no cost, incurring minimal or no debt.

We believe that foster youth need a community of caring adults to help them transition from the dependency system to successful, independent adulthood.

We believe that our community will volunteer and engage with our youth when they are presented with needs and opportunities.

FYI Values:

At FYI, our values shape what we do. Our values are important to us, and we expect our volunteers and our foster youth to embrace them. We understand that we are all a work in progress, but as we model our values to our youth, we expect that these will become their values as well.


We do not compromise on honesty and reliability. We mean what we say.


We value collaboration. We work as a community. We have fun and find joy in our work.


We believe in the worth of each individual. We care for each other regardless of our differences.


We are transparent with our finances and our actions. We stretch every dollar for maximum impact. We are responsible with our time and efforts. We admit our mistakes and learn from them.


We believe that being thankful is vital for the health and resilience of our community. We take the time to show our appreciation for the youth, volunteers, partners and donors who are part of our team.